"Free" Online Bingo Caveats

Online bingo is becoming an increasingly popular way to gamble. It is convenient, the rules are simple, and the payouts can be impressive. Many bingo websites try to lure in new customers by advertising free games, but anyone interested in joining an online bingo site should be aware that the games may not be entirely free. There are some great deals and incentives, but you will almost always need to put down some money.

Deposit Bonuses

Many online bingo sites promise "free deposit bonuses" upon sign-up. These are probably the closest you'll come to getting free money, though you will still have to put down your own deposit as well. Essentially, when a casino or website offers a deposit bonus, they are promising to match your initial deposit.

No Money Down

Other online bingo sites will allow new customers to join without putting down an initial deposit. In one sense, this is "free" bingo because you can start playing the game without paying anything. However, you also can't take home any winnings until you put down a deposit, so this might be more accurately deemed "free practice bingo."

In the case of both of these offers, individuals will often (if not always) only be able to withdraw their cash winnings to a bank account when their account reaches a certain level. In other words, if you put down a $20 deposit and a casino matches your deposit so you have $40 in your account, you will still not be able to cash out until you have made another $20-$40 playing the game.